Facebook Nosedive 25 July 2018 Quantitative Data

On 25 July 2018 during the Q2 Earnings Call, Facebook stock price took a nosedive of -24%, which effectively wiped out all of my 4 months profits from the stock market. I wrote here all of the recorded quantitative data I have before and after the drop.

After The Drop

What Comes After a Period of Undervaluation? I attempted to do a qualitative analysis on stocks found via Benjamin Graham's recommendations.

Lyft Perception Challenge 2018

I participated in a competition organized by Lyft and Udacity in May 2018. Our task was to build a system to extract cars and road from videos recorded from CARLA simulator.

Value Analysis: Cenovus Energy Inc. (CVE / NYSE)

A Canadian oil company that got bashed over its acquisition of assets from ConocoPhilips in May 17, 2017. The asset was worth almost $18b while the entire company was worth $15b. Shareholders were enraged over the fact that a part of the deal were purchased by issuing common stocks (thereby diluting shareholder shares in the process). They were also worried about the amount of debt they used to finance this purchase.

Pyfolio Single Stock Example correction + Quandl API

Single stock analysis example in pyfolio + Quandl¶This post describes how I corrected the error when running Single Stock Example from PyFolio. Yahoo and Google no longer support the API as used by pandas_datareader 0.6.0, so I updated the code to use Quandl API. To get this to work, make sure that QUANDL_API_KEY